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Read Kelli’s inspirational and thought provoking story on how she became a “Sur-Thrivalist” 
Through Kelli’s sense of self awareness, humor, and ability to share her remarkable story that will keep your attention and just might make you think! She sheds light on her upbringing, battle to overcome addiction from a horrific accident, and a discovery of breakthroughs you will learn what it takes during times of what may seem completely impossible to regain and recover, Kelli will inspire you to take a look within your own mind and re-discover your thoughts and actions as she proves calling herself a statistic turned her into a statistic! You will begin to not only root for her as she removes herself calling ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the Universe, you will encouragingly look within yourself and discover your power and strength as well. You never know how strong you are until you have to be is the message Kelli sends. Fighting, surviving is a way to overcome, yet as you get to know her you too will begin to THRIVE and join in her campaign to help all overcome what is in your way and “Sur-Thrive”.
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